| August 2017

(Deutsch) »ZiehBoard«

(Deutsch) Das Ziehboard – ein Hängeschränkchen für den täglichen Bedarf.

| January 2017

(Deutsch) »Schubse«

(Deutsch) Neuheit zur Möbelmesse Köln 2017

| December 2015

Cubit »Sideboards«

Made for cubit-shop.

| December 2014

»summer at the balkony«

Balcony system with elements made of wood.

| December 2011

»Clip Rail«

Clip Rail, designed for side by side. Simple and versatile. Since 2011 produced and distributed by Side by Side.

| December 2010

»Card trellis«

You may sometimes receive mail that deserves to be stored. The things you receive: invitations, birth announcements, greeting cards sent from people on their summer holiday …

| December 2010


A piece of furniture to avoid mess and for storing convenience goods: rectangular sheet metal parts behind sliding doors leave space for plenty of shoes. Keys, mobile phones and digital cameras can be placed into storage tray cups; lying hidden beneath – but at arm’s length – are the charging devices.

| December 2010

»London« carpet

Walking on London.

| December 2010

»Nachtflug« wall lamp

Oh, if only one could be a space traveller, and able to look at things from a sufficiently detached point of view. Many a problem would look totally different …

| December 2010

»Grip« shelving unit

Whether it’s catalogues, files, fiction and poetry, or non-fiction books – thin steel pusher walls keep everything in order as they can be positioned with a handle. The number and size of the drawers can be changed at any time. This shelving unit adapts to any book collection!

| December 2010

»build a sofa«

The living room landscape can be ever-changing with the Build A Sofa. This modular seating consists of nine foam stones that the user can configure into any seating pattern desired: nine stools, a fort of an armchair, a chaise longue, etc. Nobody should resist the urge to play.

| December 2009

»summer at the balkony«

A balkony system; version 2009.

| December 2009

»The Oriental Window«

Your flat has got no garden nor balcony – and it gets way too hot in summer?

| December 2008

»Module rack«

The new plug-in system* enables the owner to choose his individual formation of the rack and an easily expansion. The rack can be set up without any tool. The customer appoints the number of modules and combines the surfaces by himself. So each rack becomes an unique.

| November 2008

»lace tea-cloth« Table

Our grandmothers used to have a lace tea-cloth we used as a model for this table. The traditional lace was interpreted with modern technology completely new.

| December 2006

Stool »muh«

„Looks like a cows udder“