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»sit down please«

The Eurovision Song Contest comes to Düsseldorf!

We thought: That’s not going to happen! Not without us!
We make our own event.
We are interested in how designers from different countries are living,
how they are working and what their expectations are.
Besides – for product designers there are way too little opportunities to display
their work. That’s how the idea for European Design Exhibition came up.
For months we were looking for designers from European countries.
Some countries responded immediately, some never did.
A second step was to call to action in several blogs. The number of missing
countries became smaller. In a third step we activated our private networks.
Finally we found 31 Designers from 31 countries. Despite the intense research
some gaps couldn’t be filled, but we took that as a statement.
We are happy about many new relationships within Europe and about
a growing network and more attention to the field of product design

catalogue (PDF)